SINGLE REVIEW: See You In Reno – ‘Check’

In the first instance, Chelmsford’s See You In Reno initially display a sound seemingly blended together by remnants of Rise Against as well as Glassjaw – which was enough to convince me that there may be more to them than meets the eye. Noticeable by their sound, the vocals on the new song ‘Check’ retain that aforementioned strained tonal quality and range from harsh and vibrant to soft and mellow throughout the song – telling yours truly that the vocalist has excessive depth. The overall song structure is odd, and almost bears resemblance to material circa Foo Fighters, with a post-rock tone in places. See You In Reno place more of an emphasis on rhythm from the guitars, and the drums are technically complementing of this style. There are periods of melodic lead work which is still good, and the song ends on a high note (not literally) by retaining some pace laden with a seriously nice mixture of drum patterns. The video for ‘Check’, however, at this point, is very disturbing. Human hearts on chessboards. You heard me right.


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Written by Dan Walton.