Music Review: Vanna – ‘Digging’

The new single ‘Digging’ from post-hardcore mob, Vanna, was released last week via Pure Noise Records. Following a peaceful intro, the band launch into a melodic yet heavy passage with impressive drum rolls and soaring guitars. Vocally the band are definitely and obviously taking a huge influence from Letlive and their manic and spasming post-hardcore, to the point where they barely resemble the band they were 5 years ago. This is not a bad thing however, as with Letlive, being the best “heavy” band out there right now, they’re as good an influence as one can get .

The result is a song jarring from melodic passages to more brutally harsh moments with raspy vocals complimenting the more smooth clean vocals. It clocks in at roughly four minutes, but the time passes very quickly and it seems almost half that. The breakdown half way through is weak, failing to really leave an impression, but it’s only a tiny blemish on what is a great single.


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‘VOID’ is now available to purchase via iTunes, Amazon & Spotify.


Written by Sam Cowen.