SINGLE REVIEW: Villains – ‘Wicked Ways’

As ‘Wicked Ways’ opens to a new listener, one may be quick to assume Villains are exploring musical horizons we have already heard before, from the depths of Essex. Maybe we have definitely heard their sound before; Villains explore some simple melodies via the strings, whilst retaining a vast crisp array of drum patterns and fills, and also delivering strong vocals throughout. While vocals are more memorable in rock songs than anything else, Villains successfully give listeners more impressive singing. It is me however, that is fixated with the drummers’ ability – not often are double kick patterns reminiscent of those laid over metal riffs explored in pop-rock. Consistent and crisp, the drums thud in lightning quick fashion while the guitars harmonise each other in a simple chord sequence. This is repeated in the last chorus, and subsequently a harmonised vocal interchange bring the song to a nice close. Starting rather stereotypically, ‘Wicked Ways’ picks up some steam towards the end and remains a nice 3-minute piece. It will just have to settle for being an enjoyable song, I guess.


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Written by Dan Walton.