Music Review: The Word Alive – ‘Glass Castle’

Kicking off with a spiraling riff and vocals deep enough to drown in, The Word Alive are back with their new single, ‘Glass Castle’. One of the best modern metalcore bands in my opinion is The Word Alive who clearly have a point to prove with their new album, ‘Real’, which was just released yesterday!

From the onset, this song showcases all the trademarks of The Word Alive’s sound, heavy riffs, breakneck drumming and incredible vocals. This is the first release featuring Luke Holland, who of course became famous through YouTube before joining the band.

He excels and drives the song along with some brilliant drumming that is the highlight of the song. Meanwhile, a huge breakdown brings the usual chugs, but with The Word Alive, it never seems shoehorned in, and comes across as a natural part of the song. Lyrically, the song touches on the usual subjects of spurned love, but avoids intensely hateful lyrics that similar bands such as Like Moths To Flames use.

Written by Sam Cowen.


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