Music Review: Turnover – ‘Blue Dream’ (EP)



With 2013’s debut album, ‘Magnolia’, Virginia Beach’s Turnover successfully moved from being a good pop-punk band, to an incredible emo outfit. Magnolia was a record bursting at the seams with incredible lyrics and memorable moments. After contributing one of their best songs yet (‘I Would Hate you If I Could‘) to a four way split, Turnover are back with an experimental three song EP, entitled ‘Blue Dream‘.

Opener ‘Disintegration’ opens with a slightly picked guitar, whilst guitarist and vocalist Austin Getz quietly sings “Oh my god, I fear I can’t be saved.” It’s clear that lyrically the EP follows a similar lyrical pattern to all of their ‘Magnolia’ material. The feeling of desperation and depression is one that haunts the track, even when it crashes in during the second half, as the backing vocals shout “You wake up. You’re nothing. You’re tired. You’re struggling.” It opens the EP with a great track, and one that sets the tone for the next two songs.

Second track, ‘Read My Mind’ is a more straight up rock song, taking in more of their grunge influences, with crashing cymbals and spacey lead guitar lines, while Getz sings about wronging a woman; “I called you from the lowest place I’ve been, to tell you I was wrong, and apologise for always pulling you down.”

The title is a fairly apt description of, at least, the final track, ‘Bella Donna’. With a lightly strummed acoustic guitar, and cleaner than usual vocals. The track tells the tale of the morning after a one night stand with an ex girlfriend, as he says “I forget how you prefer your coffee, pardon me, but it’s been a while since our last mistake. And you’re still lying there so delicate, like glimmering glass. You’re porcelain that I’m afraid to break.” The lyrics contain some powerful emotive imagery, and the emotion is plain to hear. The guitar works well in the context of the album artwork, and you can almost feel the summery breeze rush through your hair. The album ends on possibly it’s strongest moment, as Getz sings “I hope someday we meet again under different circumstances, maybe just as friends, because as lovers I shattered you, and even though you’ll never see it, in the end the pieces cut up my hands too.” The singing subsides and the song plays out amidst a summery slow lead guitar line that weaves in and out before the song slows to a halt.

With ‘Blue Dream’, Turnover have experimented with new influences, and succeeded without a shadow of a doubt. From a more grungey side, to a summery acoustic song that takes in a more poppy and radio-friendly sound. Each time, they have created something unique for the band, and in ‘Bella Donna’, Turnover have created one of their best songs ever. If their second album can take in these influences and meld it to their usual emo sound, we could have something incredibly special on our hands.

‘Blue Dream’ is available digitally now via Broken Rim Records’ Bandcamp,

and can be purchased on vinyl via Banquet Records.

Written by Sam Cowen.